Is it possible to recover the video from a ripped mini dv tape.?

Answer any semi pro video production house should be able t help you but if the ape is damages there is no guarantee that it'll work.good luck with it. i hope you get it recovered.

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Is mini-DVD tape the best media for a digital video camera?

mini-dv tape is the best choice... it has the least amount of compression so it gives you the most video data to work with.And don't assume that a DVD will last forever. The DVD -R and +R don't la... Read More »

What is a mini dv tape?

Digital camcorders record footage onto mini DV tapes. As their name implies, mini DV tapes are small, measuring 2.6 by 1.9 by 0.5 inches, according to Tech Terms. Mini DV tapes make it possible to ... Read More »

How could i recover mini-dvd disk data ?

If you formatted the disc, that data is gone. Just like when you format a hard drive.

I need to copy a video tape to another tape how do i do this?

you need two VCRs. you play the one, you press record on the other. make sure you have it all hooked up.just google it.