Is it possible to recover the video from a ripped mini dv tape.?

Answer any semi pro video production house should be able t help you but if the ape is damages there is no guarantee that it'll work.good luck with it. i hope you get it recovered.

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Is mini-DVD tape the best media for a digital video camera?

mini-dv tape is the best choice... it has the least amount of compression so it gives you the most video data to work with.And don't assume that a DVD will last forever. The DVD -R and +R don't la... Read More »

Transfer video from one mini-dv to another mini-dv.?

You can capture the video, delete or mute the audio in an editor and then "print to tape" to put it back on another tape in the camcorder. It's in the lap of the gods whether the time code will su... Read More »

What can i do to recover from possible RSI injury?

I'm thinking you have a pinched nerve Doc...You should take a nice long hot bath and submerge your shoulder under the warmth of the water, and then put on a heat bag when you get out. The warmth w... Read More »

Just returned from Benidorm and was really ripped off.Bought a video camcorder cost over £900 uk price £300?

yes Don't buy anything like that. go on line in internet cafe and check it out first.