Is it possible to record tapes on cd?

Answer Yes it isAs others have said you can buy specialist equipment for this, but the cheapest way is to download a free program like Audacity and then connect a 3.5mm jack to the line out of your tape r... Read More »

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How to Record Cassette Tapes Onto a PC?

Recording analog cassette tapes to a digital format has numerous advantages. Your audio will last for generations to come, it takes up less space, is easier to store and backup, playback is instant... Read More »

How to Record VHS Tapes to a DVD Recorder?

Most of us have a box in our basement or attic full of old VHS tapes. After watching the same tape over and over again the picture and the sound quality will begin to decrease. This is because tape... Read More »

Can you delete and re-record over Mini DV tapes?

Yes you can, but there are some things to keep in mind.Many professions claim that you should never re-use a tape for any serious work. They say it causes more frequent "dropouts" (lost frames that... Read More »

How Do Cassette Tapes Record Sound?

Cassette tapes are now obsolete, but in their heyday, they were an efficient and durable recording medium. They evolved from steel wire tapes and reel-to-reel cassettes into a compact plastic modul... Read More »