Is it possible to record speaker output on computer?

Answer Use Audacity (free) to do this. (Windows/Mac/Linux)See following videos at bottom of page for how to do this with AudacityAudacity (free)You can record with it, edit, mix, and add sound effects. Yo... Read More »

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I have no sound when using the speaker output on the back of the computer?

I try would Mike's suggestion, I believe the little metal piece may be causing the computer to think you have speakers/headphones already plugged in, so it's trying to direct it to that port.Anothe... Read More »

What type of output does the speaker and headphones put send out of a computer?

Can I run 4 speakers from a 2 speaker output?

As you add speakers in parallel (+ to +, - to -) the total resistance (also called impedance or Z) decreases. Most amplifiers are rated to drive a 4 or 8 ohm load. The closer the impedance gets to ... Read More »

Why are non of my speaker output working?

Look for a fuse. It might be internal so maybe you should take it to someone qualified to look inside.You can't just add speakers. Speakers put a "Load" on the amplifier. It's designed to handl... Read More »