Is it possible to rebuild the enamel lost due to tooth decay?

Answer only if the decay is limited to the outer half of enamel can fluoride help remineralize it. but if a dentist says it is big enough to need filled, it can't be rebuilt or healed any other way besid... Read More »

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Are there tooth pastes that re-build tooth enamel?

I use a toothpaste called "Sensodyne ProNamel". It helps protect your teeth from acid wear, cavities, and is good for sensitive teeth. I helps protect the enamel from thinning more.

What causes tooth decay?

- Not brushing your teeth - Eating so much sweets and chocolate or sugary foods- Consuming too many acidy foods such as vinegar - Smoking

Tooth Decay at 15, What Do I Do?

Well After Reading this I Think You Should Stop Eating Sugar I Am 15 As Well And I have No Problem With this . You Should Really Visit The Dentist So It Doesn't Get really Bad, My Dad Has really b... Read More »

The Effects of Tooth Decay?

Cavities and tooth decay can cause pain and sensitivity and if left untreated result in the need for a root canal or tooth extraction. It's best to prevent tooth decay and see your dentist regularl... Read More »