Is it possible to rebuild the enamel lost due to tooth decay?

Answer only if the decay is limited to the outer half of enamel can fluoride help remineralize it. but if a dentist says it is big enough to need filled, it can't be rebuilt or healed any other way besid... Read More »

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Is it possible to restore tooth enamel If not, what does this toothpaste actually do?

Tooth enamel cannot be replaced. All these toothpastes do is separate you from your money.

Are there tooth pastes that re-build tooth enamel?

I use a toothpaste called "Sensodyne ProNamel". It helps protect your teeth from acid wear, cavities, and is good for sensitive teeth. I helps protect the enamel from thinning more.

Tooth Decay at 15, What Do I Do?

Well After Reading this I Think You Should Stop Eating Sugar I Am 15 As Well And I have No Problem With this . You Should Really Visit The Dentist So It Doesn't Get really Bad, My Dad Has really b... Read More »

How to Avoid Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay can be quite painful, and you will need constant trips to the dentist for fillings and root canals. Protect your pearly whites by reading this how-to!