Is it possible to put fudge in ice cube trays?

Answer Yes, you can put fudge in ice cube trays; many recipes call for fudge to be prepared in ice cube trays. Just be sure to grease the tray cups before pouring in the fudge mixture.Source:Spark Recipes... Read More »

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How to Find Uses for Unwanted Ice Cube Trays?

Old ice trays that get too dinged up to use in the freezer are still useful for numerous things. There are several money-saving, time-preserving uses for those old ice trays: The little stackable c... Read More »

Are silicone ice cube trays safe?

There is no indication silicone ice cube trays are unsafe--the material they are made from will not enter the ice cubes. Silicone kitchen products--like ice cube trays and food containers--don't ha... Read More »

Can I pour boiled sugar into ice cube trays?

If you boil sugar in water, you will have a syrup-like consistency. You can pour it into ice cube trays and put it in the freezer. However, the sugar lowers freezing temperature of water, and your ... Read More »

How to Stop Ice Cube Trays Sticking on the Freezer Shelf?

Ice cube trays can stick on the freezer shelf creating havoc when you try to dislodge them. It's easy to stop this from happening.