Is it possible to purchase whole life insurance if you have cancer?

Answer You may be able to buy whole life insurance if you have been diagnosed with cancer, depending on the type of cancer you have, the stage you are in and your treatment plan, but you probably will pay... Read More »

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Can I purchase life insurance on someone else?

On One Hand: Individuals Can Purchase Life Insurance on OthersInsurance companies allow individuals and businesses to purchase life insurance on other people. Individuals can purchase life insuranc... Read More »

Why Would Someone Purchase Life Insurance for His Child?

Buying life insurance for your child has been a long-standing topic of substantial debate. Arguments on both sides of the issue have repeatedly been presented, each with its own merits. Understandi... Read More »

What is the maximum age that I can purchase life insurance?

Since there are different types of life insurance and differing provisions between providers as well, there is not a universal maximum age to buy or keep life insurance. However, the trend is to ce... Read More »

Do we need agents to purchase a life insurance policy?

On One Hand: You Can Buy Insurance OnlineMany insurance companies offer their products online and make them available for direct purchase from the consumer without the use of an insurance agent.On ... Read More »