Is it possible to place a title& date in the header of an Excel spreadsheet?

Answer To add a title and date header to an Excel spreadsheet, select the "File" drop-down menu and choose "Page Setup." A box with four different tabs will appear; select the tab that says "Header/Footer... Read More »

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How to Place an Ad Banner Above a Header in Thesis?

Designed as a premium template for the WordPress platform, the Thesis theme framework can be used to design a website that is using WordPress. The Thesis theme has easy-to-use options that make cus... Read More »

How do i add days to a date in a spreadsheet in ms excel?

A Date Is a Number in ExcelExcel can calculate date and time functions accurately because every date is assigned a number beginning January 1, 1900, which equals 1. The date 3/28/1999 equals 36,247... Read More »

How to Automatically Insert the Date Onto a Spreadsheet?

Excel is a highly customizable spreadsheet application included in Microsoft Office. In addition to creating spreadsheets, users can create graphs, macros, pivot tables and calculations. Each cell ... Read More »

When was the date in which the spreadsheet application for Excel was released?

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application was originally written for Macintosh computers in 1984 and 1985. It was not until 1987 that it was released as an IBM-compatible application. Excel is to... Read More »