Is it possible to pick up radio interference over your computer's speakers?

Answer Yes, it is possible. The wire of your speaker acts as the antenna, with the magnetic in your speaker, power with antenna. If the length of the wire matches the radio wave length, speaker picks up... Read More »

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How to Stop Radio Transmitter Interference to Your Television Speakers?

Radio waves are used in a huge variety of systems, ranging from cell phones to car radios to Wi-Fi Internet. If you have wireless speakers for your television, the signals are transmitted to the re... Read More »

Is radio interference the same as background when it comes to radio stuff?

No. Interference is some additional signal, above and beyond the normal noise level that makes it difficult or impossible to decipher the signal you want. IF the signal you want is merely to low ... Read More »

Are magnetically shielded speakers free from mobile interference?

You may be suffering from a "Phantom Loop" or a "Ground Loop" Ground loops can be caused because of poor electrical wiring or the lack of proper grounding...Try using a different electrical outlet,... Read More »

How do i stop radio interference?