Is it possible to permanently damage?

Answer my feet hurt too but that's because when i was a young girl in china my feet were bound in hopes that one day i would make a good marriage with my tiny feet. is that what happened to you?

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How much drinking does it take to damage the liver permanently?

Drinking is a deeply embedded social activity and way of life in the U.S. Approximately half of the people in the U.S. partake in drinking on a regular basis. How much drinking does it take to dama... Read More »

Is it possible to permanently delete messages on Facebook that you have either sent or received or do they all?

I don't know the answer but I feel your pain. It can be so annoying when people in neighboring cells start bickering about the finer points of social networking. Even with the extra thick padded wa... Read More »

Possible nerve damage?

She needs to go to the Emergency room to fix this. This might not heal completely, but you need to take her as quickly as possible. Yes, there might be possible nerve damage from such an injury.

Is it possible to split or damage a nerve?

sounds to me that it isn't the nerve itself but somewhere along the nervous system that misinterprets the no pain signal and changes it into a pain signal eg a blood vessel pressing against itif it... Read More »