Is it possible to pay someone else's insurance premiums with your credit card?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer Certainly, if that insurance companie excepts that form of payment

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With no-fault insurance will your premiums increase if someone hits you when your car is parked?

Answer The insurance company has no reason to raise your premium, the situation was completely out of your hands.

Why Do Car Insurance Companies Base Their Premiums on Your Credit?

There are many factors that go into determining an auto insurance rate. These factors include driving history, type of car and the age of the driver. One of the most controversial factors insurance... Read More »

Can you buy insurance on someone elses car?

Absolutely. Insurance companies are in the business to sell insurance but the insured will be the driver of the car. In other words, a person driving the car is the "insured driver" There could ac... Read More »

Can you get added to someone elses car insurance policy?

All drivers on a car insurance policy must live with the named insured. All vehicles on the policy must also be registered to the named insured. A person living outside the insured's household can'... Read More »