Is it possible to pay someone else's insurance premiums with your credit card?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer Certainly, if that insurance companie excepts that form of payment

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Why Do Car Insurance Companies Base Their Premiums on Your Credit?

There are many factors that go into determining an auto insurance rate. These factors include driving history, type of car and the age of the driver. One of the most controversial factors insurance... Read More »

Can an employer offer the same insurance to employees but fully cover the premiums for some and require others to pay half of the premiums?

Answer No, if they are similiary situated individuals. It could be done by class - say management vs. salariedFor more details Read More »

Can I use my credit card for cruise insurance?

Cruise insurance is a useful item to purchase in case of a medical emergency or personal crisis that would necessitate leaving the cruise ship. In those instances, a refund of the cruise cost is po... Read More »

Do I need to cancel credit card insurance?

On One Hand: It's Not Worth ItFor the most part, credit card insurance is not necessary and you should cancel it. The fees are usually based on an amount per $100 of your outstanding balance, notes... Read More »