Is it possible to pay off college completely with grants alone?

Answer Is it possible? Yes, it has happened before, people have gone and got a bach with NO DEBT. is it plausible? No. Finding a non school/atheletic scholarship for that amount is rare and not obtainab... Read More »

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Grants for college My husband wants to go to college. We have 3 kids, so it's hard for me to work.?

It may or may not be possible on the college grants because they are based on the income of the prior tax income filing, savings, marital status, and total members in the family. For example, if he... Read More »

Free college grants for college?

Fastweb is awesome! They give you offers for scholarships, grants, jobs and internships around the area of your school. It asks you a bunch of questions about your likes and dislikes and what you w... Read More »

Grants to pay for college?

FAFSA didn't work for you?That's odd. FAFSA's check everything:ScholorshipsGrantsFederal Loans -- Subsidized Loans -- Unsubsidized Loans -- Perkins LoansBank LoansIt should have given you some sort... Read More »

Are college grants taxable?

If you are a college student working towards a degree, any grant funds not used for tuition, fees, books or supplies must be included as income that is taxable. If you are not working towards a deg... Read More »