Is it possible to pay a company to create a Wikipedia page for you?

Answer Let me assure you, the page is a scam, and so is the service.If you want to ask about whether your band meets the notability requirements of Wikipedia, you can try, but don't hire somebody to do it... Read More »

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How can I create a page on wikipedia just about me?

If your not famous,then you dont need a wikipedia page.

How Do I Create A Page On Someone On Wikipedia?

While logged-in with your account, go to the page you want to create. Be sure to capitalize that name correctly. There should be at least one link to edit/create the page: use it. On the resulting ... Read More »

How do I create a wikipedia page for myself?

You have to apply, bry. Click on the "Apply To Wikipedia For Page On Self" link and the system'll take you through the process in 17 easy steps. And don't worry about your "level of fame" concerns.... Read More »

How to create a page on

First, you need to make an account. Once you completed that, you can follow links provided in order to understand the Wikipedia Community guidelines. There are very strict and will block IP address... Read More »