Is it possible to owe child support in two states?

Answer Yes, if there are children by two different mothers, however mothers can file claims in multiple states for the same child. The states generally do not communicate with each other on child support ... Read More »

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Is it possible to legally terminate the parental rights of a father who does not pay child support without exonerating him from his legal financial obligation to the child?

It is unlikely to succeed. Even if he doesn't pay, he still has rights to see the child. Access rights are not linked to maintenance (child support). Denial of access cannot be used as a weapon to... Read More »

Why am i paying two states child support?

If on the same child you need to file a motion to clarifysee link

When a child is abandoned by a parent receiving child support how does that child get the child support?

The persons in custody of the child must file for legal guardianship and request the court modify the child support order. The person needs legal standing to receive child support.

Is it illegal to file child support in two states?

The case should originate in the State where the child lives. Only one order can be operative at any one time. However, a child support order may be registered in any other State for purposes of en... Read More »