Possible sodium overdose?

Answer It sounds like a food sensitivity or allergy, but I'm not a doctor. If you're panicking, go to the ER, not here. Only a doctor can diagnose and treat medical conditions, and no doc on here is going... Read More »

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Is nutrition overdose possible?

Probably an allergy or food poisoning or something like that. Based on swelling I'm guessing allergy. For the nutrients you'd need at least 10-20 shakes, or much more than that for many of the nu... Read More »

How do i clean my urine of weed as fast as possible?

Is it possible to be a lightweight when it comes to ''smoking'' weed?

there is definately a tolerance factor with weed. if you gave bob marley a single joint, I doubt he would feel anything. that same joint might get you halfway into space. Not sure why "Smoking" is... Read More »

Is it possible to use a gravity bong with grinded weed?

I just wouldn't pull that hard. If it doesn't work then you'll know and be all the more wiser. :)