Is it possible to overcharge a cell phone battery?

Answer Technology in today's cell phones makes it difficult to overcharge a battery; the cell phone will stop charging once the battery has been fully charged. suggests not leaving your phon... Read More »

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Is it bad to overcharge your cell phone battery?

Most phones will stop charging the battery when it's full. The best way to save battery life is to charge it when it is halfway empty and not talk on it when it is plugged in.

Does a cell phone battery harm or damage a cell phone if the phone is unused?

Cell phone battery ingredients--antimony, mercury and beryllium-- are considered toxic and harmful. If a cell phone goes unused, the battery could leak and cause damage to both the cell phone and e... Read More »

Best way not to overcharge battery in laptop?

Batteries in todays laptops do NOT over charge contrary to popular and often misled belief. People yell about their batteries going bad. It has nothing to do with over charging. EVERYTHING to do wi... Read More »

Is it possible to overcharge a laptop battery?

First it’s important to understand what overcharging is: Over-charging occurs when the charger keeps the battery at a temperature that is warm to touch (body temperature) while in ready condition... Read More »