Is it possible to open a new camera roll on an iPhone 3GS itself?

Answer It isn't...

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How do you camera roll with the iPhone?

craigslist or eBay, but i don't know how well that would work out for you with a different service...but I've never tried i have at&t

Can i post photos from camera roll onto instagram on Iphone 4 how?

Just upload the roll, by using a film roll uploading accessory. They're like $225. Spool the film in, and upload it.

Is it possible hat a computer shut down or starts up by itself?

If you had automatic updates running there was a Microsoft patch released yesterdayyour computer is probably set to install these and it required a rebootsometime around 2AM????

Is it possible for female sterilisation to reverse itself without surgery?

It is possible, depending on how the sterilisation was done. Have a look at the following links which give some information.