Is it possible to heal with your mind?

Answer having a medically-oriented mind, i would have to say impossible, would have to see something like that to believe it

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How to Move Large Heavy Objects with Third Party Products?

Easily Move a Heavy PotLet the ground 'carry' the weight!How is the best way to move heavy stuff, especially by yourself? Push, pull, or slide heavy items. The ground carries the weight rather than... Read More »

Can you move in with your mother in California if she doesn't have any custody of you and tell the court that you want to move in with her because you don't get along with your step-parent?

Answer A minor cannot leave the home of the custodial parent without that parent's permission. The noncustodial parent can petition the court for custody rights pertaining to the minor child. Depen... Read More »

If you have joint custody with standard visitation and not living in the same city and you were to move near your ex is it possible to fight for 50 50 residential custody?

Answer Certainly! Now that you live closer there is no reason you can't have the courts revise the custody papers and you have split custody of the child(ren). However, the two of you are adults ... Read More »

If you are 15 and your boyfriend is 18 and you got pregnant can you move out of your parents house and move in with him in the state of Arizona?

Answer No, not unless you parents and his parents allow you to...