Is it possible to make your voice sound like the voice over in Halo?

Answer Yes, it is possible. There are many voice manipulation applications that may be downloaded from the Internet, and several are FREE. Just do a quick Google search for the following keywords: voi... Read More »

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My voice is so age is 17 but i sound like a 30-40 yr my question is,how to make my voice soft?

Heavy in what way. If you mean deep then that is never a bad thing! Think Richard Armitage, Alan Rickman, Sean Bean. All are gorgeous because of their voices.If you mean you want to have a less har... Read More »

How to Make a Falsetto Sound Like a Chest Voice?

Singing in falsetto requires your vocal chords to separate and allow air to pass between them. They do this to avoid damage from being tightened too far. The resulting tone is airy and lacks the re... Read More »

How to Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better?

So, you want to sing, but you don't like your voice. Here's some information on how you can make your voice sound like a songbird.

How do you speed up videos and make your voice sound chipmunk x]?

Import your video in Windows Movie Maker (if you use PC) and add the "Speed Up" Effect.