Is it possible to make bubble gum at home?

Answer It's really not recommended to make gum at home, though you can buy kits for you and your kids to make it together. I have included a bunch of sites featuring these products. I searched the net, an... Read More »

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Do all brands of bubble make the same size bubble?

i dont know going to do a science fair project and when get the results, i will post them on here.

Is it possible to make cheese at home ?

Yup.You can make cheese using ingredients and equipment found in most kitchens. This boiled milk, acid-precipitated cheese is known as paneer. If made with carabao milk, it's kesong puti. Most chee... Read More »

Is it possible to install windows 7 home premium 64 bit in home basic 32 bit laptop?

U can easily install on your laptop but u must hav proper drivers for 64-bit window

Is it possible for someone to make a LD call from somewhere & have it listed as dir. dialed from my home phn.?

if I understand you correctly, you can use a 10 dollar spoof-card, because you can put your homephone number show up on the receiving end!!! but like I stated its not still have... Read More »