Is it possible to make a great site with just coding?

Answer Yes it is, in fact I do all my coding in old school Notepad. In fact you can do everything in Dreamweaver and more when you are doing the coding. The main basic languages I recommend are:HTML(HTML5... Read More »

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Direct coding of RGB values with 10 bits per primary color how many possible colors do you have for each pixel?

2^10 = 1024 possible colors per each channel (R for example). Then 2^30 for a pixel. This makes 1024^3 = 1073741824 possible different colors for a pixel.

Does a Site Malfunction Due to Coding Errors?

Websites often malfunction because of coding errors. Coding errors occur due to mistypes or omissions. They also occur when website developers fail to take into account the differences between brow... Read More »

How to Make Site Map With Google Site Map Generator?

This article offers detailed information for webmasters to easily create site map and solve the indexing problem.

Why doesn't Wikipedia just pay for their own site with ads?

Because then they would be accountable for the content. Any time someone gives you a big chunk of money, they feel like they own you in some way, that your deeds and words reflect on them. Have you... Read More »