Is it possible to lose weight this way?

Answer You well easily lose weight if you pack a lunch! Try packing a luck consisting of an apple and a healthy homemade sandwhich. Something like that. Basically you well only lose weight if you eat heal... Read More »

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Is it possible to lose weight in a week?

Yes it is. I did it.This is probably not healthy, but if you really want to lose weight it works.Have a few pieces of fruit in the morning, a big breakfast speeds up your metabolism which helps you... Read More »

How to Lose Weight As Quickly As Possible?

Have you ever felt like people were staring at you? Or you try on your size and end up having to go another one up? Well this article will show you how to shed those pounds quick.

How much weight is possible to lose in 2 weeks?

I lost 4 pounds in a week eating purely cabbage soup and gym time!!!!Im also a really stressed college student so thats probably why i lost it so fast.I'll say 6 pounds in two weeks if you wanna do... Read More »

Is it possible to lose weight from the vagina?

It's obviously because of your boyfriends micropenis