Is it possible to lose 10 pounds within a month?

Answer yup if you work hard

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Imma fatty Poll: Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a month?

You're a keeper! You drink beer... Marry me??

How can I lose 50 pounds within 2 months?

You have to give up the myth which makes you believe that dieting is starving.That's absolutely false.Isabel De Los Rios (a well known nutrition expert) has helped thousands of people change their ... Read More »

How to lose 20 pounds within week.?

No... You can't loose that much in one week.Also IDoubt you want toNot eat forAWeek. Also people startToDieIn three days ifThey Don't eat food

How can i lose 20 pounds a month?

this is not very healthy but my dad lost 68 pounds in 2 months all you have to do is drink slim fast 3 times a day no food no soda just water and take a multi vitamin that it this is not healthy th... Read More »