Is it possible to lock your hard drive without erasing anything ?

Answer The best answer I have for you is, you could create an encrypted TrueCrypt volume and keep everything in there.

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How to Partition an External Hard Drive Without Erasing It?

When you partition a drive, you divide a physical internal or external drive into two or more logical drives that are viewed as separate drives by the operating system. You can partition a drive to... Read More »

How can I make more space on my hard drive without deleting anything?

Go start -> accessories -> system tools -> Disk CleanupIt will perform a scan which may take a while...Here are a few things you can delete safely and I really don't think you will miss:Downloaded ... Read More »

Erasing the hard drive?

You could use Boot and Nuke, however its not guaranteed that data is completely gone. The best way to make sure your data is not retrieved is to simply remove the old hard drive and destroy it. You... Read More »

Erasing A Hard Drive?

Ok, find your Dell service tag and type it in here:… Now follow along there to download your manual. It will explain how to restore your system to factory... Read More »