Is it possible to know that your pregnant after the day you had unprotected sex?

Answer no you must wait a couple weeks

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Is it possible to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex a couple days after your period and he cums in you?

Is it possible that you could still be fertile to get pregnant if you had your period a week ago and you had unprotected sex today?

Answer Ovualtion, when the eggs to be fertilized usually drop, 10 to 14 days after the period ends. It's possible that you can drop early if your hormone/estrogen levels vary. If you dont want to ... Read More »

Is it possible for you to be pregnant if you bleed for one day two days after the unprotected sex?

If you have unprotected sex and then get your period 3 days later does that mean that you're not pregnant or do you have to wait until next month to know?

Answerfirst of all why would you have sex with all the sicknesses going around by having sex. I would problly be a problem having it do you mean it just started or your've been having periods. That... Read More »