Is it possible to just "buy" a phone number with voice-mail and no phone or land line?

Answer yes, with and its free!! you also can use the call-forward feature!!the VM is fantastic....

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How does a phone line work How does my voice travel along metal Does the phone line use electricity?

Should keep you going for 5 mins!!Telephone:This article is about telephone technology. For the game of telephone, see Telephone (game). For the band, see T鬩phone.The telephone or phone (Greek: t... Read More »

Can I change a cell phone to a land line number?

Yes, you can change a cell phone to a landline number. According to Federal Communications Commission number portability rules, you can move your phone number to any service you wish, including cel... Read More »

How do I check voice mail on land line?

How to Check Voice Mail From a Land Line?

Checking your cell phone's voice mail from a land line gives you the freedom to access your messages anytime, and from any location. For many cell phone users, accessing voice mail from a land line... Read More »