Is it possible to install Vista 32 and 64 bit using dual boot?

Answer Hello,(ANS) No.1 Windows Vista 64bit requires proper 64bit hardware otherwise yes! you will run into problems.No.2 Windows Vista 64bit version running on the correct 64bit architecture, should run ... Read More »

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How do I install Vista dual boot?

Create Partition or Install Hard DriveInstall either a second hard drive or create a separate partition on a hard drive for the Windows Vista operating system installation. Windows Vista and Window... Read More »

Can someone give me some directions on how to install OpenSuSE 10.3 to dual boot with Vista?

Hi, visit my openSUSE blog. It has every instruction video and stuff u need.http://snake1990.wordpress.comYou can contact me if u have any questions.Good Luck!

How to Restore the Boot in a Windows Vista & XP Dual Boot?

It is possible to configure your computer so that you can choose between booting to either the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system at startup. This configuration is called "dual-booting" o... Read More »

Can you dual boot Vista& XP?

On One Hand: A Computer Can Dual Boot Windows XP and VistaYou can set up a computer to dual boot Windows XP and Windows Vista with relative ease, and with no additional software. Simply create a n... Read More »