Is it possible to hook a laptop to another laptop (to use as external monitor)?

Answer No. Laptop's screen is internally connected to it and can't be connected to any other laptop or pc. However you can connect your laptop to a Monitor if you have VGA port on your laptop. I hope this... Read More »

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Can you hook an external monitor to a laptop?

An external monitor can be hooked up to your laptop by using a VGA or DVI cable to connect the two devices together. The external monitor can be used as a second monitor or it can be used in place ... Read More »

Can I hook up a good external monitor to my laptop to watch movies& Internet TV?

Your laptop must support a dual-monitor configuration and the monitor must feature a compatible video-in port in order to hook up an additional monitor for watching movies and Internet TV. Common c... Read More »

How to Use an External Monitor for a Broken Inspiron 1501 Laptop Monitor?

Many people believe they can no longer use their laptops if the main display breaks, but a broken LCD doesn't render the entire system useless. You can connect an external monitor to your Dell Insp... Read More »

How can i add an external monitor to my laptop?

Most newer laptops have an external VGA port if yours does not try going to radon's web site and looking for an internal video card be sure to check the compatibility of the computer and make sure ... Read More »