Is it possible to hijack a facebook fan page if you aren't an admin?

Answer Yeah it is, I learnt how :P My friend's Harry Potter page was hacked by someone who called themselves "Voldemort" who deleted the other admins. I then re-hacked that page, named "The Chosen One" (l... Read More »

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Who wants to admin a Facebook page with me?

Facebook Page Admin Name Ideas?

The key of sun and deathYO MAMAorI WILL ******* MURDER YOU

How to Give Someone an Admin Role on Your Facebook Page?

If you are running a website or a blog, you could have a Facebook Fan Page. Sometimes it becomes hard running a Facebook Page on your own and so you might want to add someone or some people to help... Read More »

If I make someone an admin of my facebook page, can they see the messages that are already there?

yes, making someone an admin means that they have all the same power that you have on the page... which means they could even remove YOU as an admin if they wanted tonever make someone you dont kno... Read More »