Is it possible to highlight sections of an article and print only that?

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If you want to print an article that is in a browser window how do I know how many pages will print?

When you click or choose the print button or option you are showna box where you can change options for the print job.One of those will be to select the pages to print. The default is to print all ... Read More »

Can't print website article?

You cant print it in the traditional way. However, you can print the website as an image. Press print screen and go to paint program and paste. You can print it that way. Or use a screen capturing ... Read More »

How to Print a wikiHow Article?

Printing a wikiHow article is simple and can be useful.

How to do print just one part of a multiple page article?

Highlight the part you want to print. Then go to file > print and choose SELECTION. Then click OK.