Is it possible to have two monitors hook up to one computer?

Answer Yes you can. Some video cards have dual input plugs, allowing you to have two monitors. Alternatively, you can simply install a second video card.With two monitors, you can either have a wider desk... Read More »

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How to Hook Up Multiple Monitors to One Computer?

Being able to connect two monitors to one computer accomplishes a few goals for the computer user. The user can clone what they are seeing on one screen to another screen. This is good for a situat... Read More »

I have a mpc2000 enterface and studio monitors and computer how do i get mpc to connect with mpc and monitors?

Make sure that you connect 'em with the proper wires! No need to disc installation.Good luck!

Is it possible to hook an old VHS camcorder up to a computer?

If your PC has a TV tuner card, give the o/p of your camcorder to this tuner card and then get the video transfered onto your PCHere is a helpful guide to transfer videos from camcorders to compute... Read More »

How do you hook a camrecorder up to a computer..if it's possible..?

Video Capture/Editing Process* *transfer video files from vcam to computer, i.e., using a program to CAPTURE the video stream from vcam into the PC, EDIT to make the movie, then FINISH movie as a v... Read More »