Is it possible to have too much protection on a computer?

Answer Yes, for example if you have AVG you do NOT need MS free Defender and indeed they may even be incompatible.For maximum protection, all anybody needs is :AVG or AVIRA anti-virusAd-Aware anti spywa... Read More »

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Is it possible to get pregnant if you only have sex for 30 seconds with protection?

Answer Mostlikely Not Answer Most condom's carry a 98% pregnancy prevention. As long the condom was not old, or didn't break, you should be safe. Answer I'd love to tell you no, but the answer ... Read More »

If I have virus protection will limewire still ruin my computer?

You can never be sure, I had the same thing on my computer, and it still got a virus :/

I don't have internet protection on my computer how do I download the software from att's website?

You will need antivirus and antispyware here is a list of free ones…

Do receivers have built in protection against too much voltage?

Check and see if the receiver you have has a fuse and also if it has a voltage selector switch. If it does have a voltage selector switch, then you may not be able to plug it back in to see if it i... Read More »