Is it possible to have other areas affected with mesothelioma?

Answer Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is mainly caused by exposure to asbestos. Besides the lungs, the cancer can also occur in the abdomen, around the heart and, in very rare cases, on the re... Read More »

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Areas affected by bps oil spill?

So far (June 15), coastlines of Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama and panhandle are Florida in vicinity of Pensacola are impacted. Large areas of the Gulf are off limits to fishing.

Are there more teenage pregnancies in rural areas or metropolitan areas?

Answer Yes and no. It kind of depends on the age of the kids in the area around you. I think. In my personal opinion, I'd think more pregnancies would happen in rural areas, because the only thing ... Read More »

What areas in San Jose, CA considered good areas?

none, but if i had i pick one it would be blossom valley

What tactic divides an airbase into multiple sectors or control zones and provides commanders with the flexibility to respond to threats in specific areas and continue operations within areas unaffect?