Is it possible to have a phobia of periods?

Answer Have not had one sense I was 20 years oldHad problems delivering my second child so I had that operation where they take every thing out..Can't spell the stupid word because i am simple..hahahBut y... Read More »

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If my boyfriend and I had sex the day after my period went off I don't think I am pregnant because I still have periods is it possible to be pregnant?

Answer If your next period has arrived than you are not pregnant. All the best!

What does it mean if you have early periods without cramps or signs for 7days and laterhave periods with cramps?

Is it possible to get pregnant if you engage in sex during your periods?

Answer yes it is possible if you don't use any other for of birth control. Answer Yes. There is no safe time!

Is it possible that if she gets three of her periods and be pregnant?

Answeri am a young mother of 3 & also an LPN. so, i can assure you (both from personal & work experience)that you most DEFINITELY can be pregnant & still have what seem to be normal menstrual cycle... Read More »