Is it possible to have a brownish discharge during ovulation?

Answer It is possible to have brown discharge during a lot of things and for a LOT of different reasons...I have had it a few times..none of which were an infection..btw...During my 3rd pregnancy about 8 ... Read More »

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Is brownish discharge during ovulation normal?

it is quite normal to have thick secretion during ovulation. it is a sign that you are ovulating and can have intercourse if you want to get pregnant.

Is pinkish or brownish discharge about two weeks after your period a sign of ovulation or something else?

Answer I've never heard of having pinkish/brown discharge due to ovulation. However, I have heard of having faint spotting at implantation when you become pregnant. Have you been sexually active si... Read More »

What would cause a brownish discharge?

The first thing I just want to mention is that it is a bit inaccurate to say that your 'cycle' is four days. What I think you mean is that your period 'lasts' four days, meaning you bleed for four ... Read More »

Brownish red discharge?

its just a little early and light. the brownish red color is due to the clotting they usually happens after it leaves you body. don't stress.