Is it possible to have a baby with no intercourse?

Answer Yes, you can adopt and love them just as much as if they were your own.anytime that sperm makes contact with the vaginal canal there is a possibility of getting pregnant.... if you are asking im gu... Read More »

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How can you prevent a baby after sexual intercourse?

It's called the Plan B, or Morning After Pill. Taken within 72 hours (the sooner the better) the pill can prevent pregnancy. After that 72 hours (3 days) you have a different list of decisions to m... Read More »

How long after intercourse will a baby be born?

How soon after having a baby can you get pregnant and if you had intercourse before birth can the sperm stay alive long enough to get you pregnant again?

Answer You can get pregnant within a month of giving birth, every ob/gyn and/or family doctor has seen a woman pregnant at her postnatal check.BUT you cannot get pregnant again from having intercou... Read More »

Intercourse between man and she dog?

Intercourse between man and she dog is not normal and should not be engaged in.