Is it possible to grow a strawberry plant from store-bought strawberries?

Answer Yes, you can grow strawberry plants from the seeds off of store-bought strawberries. Add strawberries and a cup of water to a blender and blend at high speed just until it creates a slightly lumpy ... Read More »

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What type of strawberry plant is sweet plentiful and easy to grow in an indoor Aerogarden which uses hydroponics technology?

I have just learned that the following website has "Sweet Rubies" which is a good strawberry plant to grow in an Aerogarden:

How do you grow a plant from the seeds of vegtables and fruits you get at the store?

About the only seeds from a supermarket you can grow in the garden and have them be exactly like the parents are the beans (pinto, Kidney, etc). Peppers may be o.k. but not exactly like their paren... Read More »

How do I store strawberry plants over the winter.?

I have never grew strawberries but just might this year. I have lettuce, spring onion's, red pepper, green peppers and cucumbers growing at the moment.

How to Buy a Strawberry Plant?

Fresh strawberries are one of Mother Nature's greatest gifts. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, this fruit should be high on your list to consume regularly. Although you can purchase them in most... Read More »