Is it possible to go into labor at 7 months?

Answer Of course what do you think pre-mature babys are?

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Are you about to go into labor if you are leaking breast milk at 7 months pregnant and just went through false labor?

Answer Many women start leaking colustrum during pregnancy, which is normal and does not mean you are going into labor.

Is it possible to go into natural labor after having had two past inductions for post date pregnancies?

Answer Yes it is possible, but not guaranteed.Try crawling on hands and knees to get the baby into the best possible position for labor as this may help. Answer Thanks,The baby is head down and 3/5... Read More »

You are 41 and your husband is 45 you want to adopt a child between 3 months to 9 months Is it possible?

Try moving your sim in with their sister and children and then use the "Find Own Place" option on the computer to move him/her out with the children. You could also try moving the sister and the 2 ... Read More »

25 weeks pregnant and having signs of labor will you go into labor early?

Ask your doctor. i lost my son at 26 weeks due to water breaking, your child will NOT live if born this early!