Is it possible to get your body used to eating at an earlier time than usual?

Answer Yes it is possible. The throwing up feeling will go away once your body gets used to the change. It won't take long.

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If you are realli skinny and you have like a dip past your supposed cut lines will your pregnancy show a lot earlier than usual?

Answer Hello. In a first pregnancy it usually takes longer to show. . . around three months. In a second, third pregnancy etc, you usually show earlier. Some as soon as 8 weeks. But it wi... Read More »

Besides the usual ham sausage & bacon what do u like eating with youre eggs?

Spam and fried eggsChorizo w/ scrambled eggsBiscuits and gravy w/ any kind of eggs

How Do I Back Up a Computer to an Earlier Time?

WindowsClick the "Start" button. Select "Computer." Click on "Properties" or "System Properties." The exact wording will vary, depending upon the version of Windows you are using. Click on the "Sys... Read More »

How do i fall asleep at a earlier time?

Start now. Force yourself to get up @ 6 am. Then that night, make sure you turn off all electronics devices by 9. Make sure you haven't had any caffeine for at least 4 hours. Drink a glass of wa... Read More »