Is it possible to get two black eyes after slipping and hitting your head?

Answer Yes that is perfectly possible and even natural if it is the forehead area that is hit. It is only time that will get rid of the black eyes I am afraid unless she tries aloe vera ointment or cream.... Read More »

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Head Pain after hitting it on car window!?

If you can take Tylenol, a regular dose of that should help. So should a cool pack on the area you bonked on the window. Tell someone else you trust who is nearby what has happened, and have them w... Read More »

How to Make a Head Hitting Prank?

This will teach you how to make a funny slapping prank.

How long does baby have to wait to sleep after hitting head?

My mother always said that you had to wait an hour and that was confirmed by a doctor some years later, but, we have a nurse call line that is 24 hours so that, in case you don't want to go to the ... Read More »

Should a person seek medical attention after hitting their head hard?

Yes Yes Yes - if a person hits their head hard enough to get a concussion, haemorrhage, or to have cerebrospinal fluid, (a clear liquid), leak from the nose or ears, or even if there is uncertainty... Read More »