Is it possible for a person to get too much sleep?

Answer Yes it is possible, several causes: - Depression- Some health problems- Period of insomnia, followed by recuperation time- Some related secondary symptoms to some medicinesBut mostly: depressionAft... Read More »

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Is it possible to get less sleep but better quality sleep?

The Best way to get Quality,Restorative Sleep is to REALLY SLEEP That is possible by doing a few Simple Things---First, If you are sick take the proper,Prescribed Pain Killing Meds an Activation pe... Read More »

Do you get enough sleep or too much 'Seven hours sleep a night best for health'?

This time of year I'm manic due to long days. I go to bed about 11-12 and get up at 4.In the winter I enter my hibernation mode and go to bed about 10 and get up about 8.This is in a perfect world,... Read More »

Is it Possible to Sleep standing up?

I guess but you wouldn't wake up that way. You wouldn't be able to balance and you would fall down and wake urself up

Why is it not possible for us to sleep with the eyes open ?

Though some may consider sleeping with eyes open to be impossible – well, it is not. The cases are unusual and rare, but not impossible. People sleeping with their eyes open usually have the cond... Read More »