Is it possible to get the data from a corrupted memory card which is not being detected?

Answer Vibration Reduction

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How Can I Fix Corrupted Data on a PS2 Memory Card?

Corrupt data on your PlayStation 2 memory card can wipe out any chance of loading up your saves for some of your favorite games. This can affect controller settings, level progression and other cus... Read More »

Memory Card Corrupted!!!?

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How to repair corrupted memory card?

This has worked for me several times, so I will pass it on. Plug it in the port, heat it with a hair dryer, wait a minute, plug it in and out a couple times. If it still does not work try the sam... Read More »

How to Fix a Corrupted File on a PS2 Memory Card?

If Sony PlayStation 2 memory cards are used often, corrupted files become prominent. Even whole memory cards sometimes become corrupt. Removing a card while a file is being saved is the most common... Read More »