I was masturbating and it's stuck inside HELP :'( !?

Answer During female sexual arousal, the vagina "tents" to create a pool beneath the cervix for catching sperm. That might create enough wiggle room for you to pull the ball out. If that doesn't work, boo... Read More »

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Help me, I think I'm stuck inside my computer ?

I got my hand stuck to the inside of a freezer...?

Well, I'd say that you should call the doctor again and not rely on information on the internet from people whom most likely will not know a medical remedy. But you have burn blisters (I'm not lyi... Read More »

I have got a dvd stuck inside my dvd machine, how can i open t.?

poke a needle through the small hole on the front of your dvd drive & that should release the mechanism.Failing that, you'll need to get out your screw driver & open up the unit. It's only a few sc... Read More »

How do i get a stuck DVD drawer open DVD is still inside.?

That depends on the player.Some have a small unmarked hole on the surface below the drawer. Insert a straightened paperclip and push to release the mechanism. Others have a slot or screw on the bot... Read More »