Is it possible to get pregnant from withdrawal after having a baby?

Answer AnswerThere is a very low chance of pregnancy occurring in this case.

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Could you be pregnant after having sex 5 weeks after having a baby but 2 days before period?

Yes you can. My husband and his brother are 11 months apart. I am not really sure what you mean by 2 days before your period but if you started bleeding 2 days after having sex it may not be a peri... Read More »

How soon after having a baby can you get pregnant and if you had intercourse before birth can the sperm stay alive long enough to get you pregnant again?

Answer You can get pregnant within a month of giving birth, every ob/gyn and/or family doctor has seen a woman pregnant at her postnatal check.BUT you cannot get pregnant again from having intercou... Read More »

How can you tell if you're pregnant after just having a baby?

Answer This happened to me - I was already 2 weeks pregnant just 6 weeks after my son was born!! It is hard to determine without a blood test b/c your body still harbours alot of HCG hormone for up... Read More »

Is it possible to not see any stretchmarks while you are pregnant and see them after you have the baby?

Answer Yes, it is possible. But if you do not see them when you are pregnant, then the ones you may find after you have your baby are likely to be very pale and may even fade after a while. Good... Read More »