Is it possible to get pregnant by your own dad?

Answer Unfortunately yes, you can. An egg doesn't differentiate between related and non related sperm. Now as for the father in question, turn him into the authorities and get him the punishment that he d... Read More »

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Is it possible to be pregnant for four months and think you are not pregnant because you have your period?

%REPLIES% Answer It is very, very rare to have your period when you are pregnant. If you think you have been pregnant for four months, but have been having your period, you need to see a doctor an... Read More »

Is it still possible to be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates inside and afteryou have sex you go and pee are you peeing out the sperm or could you still be pregnant?

AnswerYes, you could still be pregnant. urinating after words has no effect on getting all the sperm out. If this happened recently and you think you may be pregnant but it has not been more than 7... Read More »

You have not had your period in 2 monthsI have a lot of the pregnancy symptom that you had with mi last two pregnancies is it possible that you are pregnant and if so is it possible to have the baby?

Answer If your tubes are tied i cant answer the "could you have the baby" part but i can tell u that it is possible you are pregnant if you had unprotected sex recently. Take a home pregnancy test ... Read More »

Is it possible you are pregnant if your period is 6 days late?

Answer if your menstrual cycle is regular,then you should go see a doctor or just wait a week or so. Answer Yes, that is probably the first sign of pregnancy. But I should also note that birth cont... Read More »