Is it possible to get photoshop for free?

Answer Yes, but don't. They can track you down. Remember the Napster scandal? There are a few free alternatives that even pros use anyway. is the same thing as Phot... Read More »

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Is it possible in Photoshop CS5?

You could try hitting Ctrl-A on the new picture before you paste (Ctrl-V) This seems to help center if the new image is the same size as the pasted one.

HP upgrade question, trying to prep desktop for Photoshop, Flash, and possible online gaming?

The HPE seems like a pretty decent machine.Not sure what you are looking to upgrade or why!?Is there something that you are having problems with?As to gaming, if there are certain games that you ar... Read More »

How do you get photoshop for free?

you might try the gimp. Do a search for it. It's a legal download and a free program with lots of features similar to photoshop

Can I get Photoshop for free?

No, you can't legally download a full version of Photoshop without paying. However, Gimp is a free image-editting software similar to (and equally good as, I think) Photoshop