Is it possible to get old e-mails back that u have deleted( please help)?

Answer only if they're still in the trash.

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I deleted all my tweets and it still shows that I have 32,000 tweets. Please help I want to get rid of it?

You should probably delete your account, but that won't really get rid of your tweets either. Anything you post online will forever be stored online and could never truly be deleted. Sorry

All files on my email account have been deleted help me get them back?

If you deleted everything in the email account they are gone. If you just deleted mail it should be in the trash can (deleted mail box) and available for recovery.

You have not had your period in 2 monthsI have a lot of the pregnancy symptom that you had with mi last two pregnancies is it possible that you are pregnant and if so is it possible to have the baby?

Answer If your tubes are tied i cant answer the "could you have the baby" part but i can tell u that it is possible you are pregnant if you had unprotected sex recently. Take a home pregnancy test ... Read More »

Is it possible to not have wisdom teeth form (10 points) Please help!?

Yes, starting in 1980, dentist began to notice that children born after that year, were not getting the wisdom teeth. Not all kids, but many, and as the years passed, that number has increased. Its... Read More »