Is it possible to get liability and comprehensive auto insurance?

Answer On One Hand: Insurance TypesIt is possible to get comprehensive and liability auto insurance coverage. Liability insurance will cover damage to another car or bodily injury to another person and is... Read More »

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What is the difference between Comprehensive General Liability insurance and Public and Products Liability insurance?

The correct term is COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY. The term Comprehensive General Liability is a old term that was at one time used as well as Public and Products Liability. These terms are often us... Read More »

What is Comprehensive general liability insurance?

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How do you decide when to only have liability insurance instead of also comprehensive?

Answer If the value of your vehicle is so low that you can afford to replace it yourself, don't bother with comprehensive. It doesn't make much sense to pay $5 a month for coverage on a $1000 clun... Read More »

Why would you purchase comprehensive general liability insurance?

If you are in a business that involves the risk of accidents, you can be sued for large amounts of money in the event of an accident, therefore you need comprehensive general liability insurance to... Read More »