Is it possible to die from drinking too much water?

Answer Water enters the body when we drink and is removed primarily in the urine and sweat. The amount of water in the body is regulated to control the levels of certain compounds, such as salt, in the bl... Read More »

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Drinking alot of water nowadays (tapwater). Is it fine drinking tap water or should I filter it?

Well good for you being healthy! You should invest in a water filter, because there are many chemicals in tap water that need to be filtered. So no, a filter is not for taste, it is for safety. You... Read More »

How to Get Emergency Drinking Water from a Water Heater?

A 30 gallon electric water heater.A typical home water heater can provide between 30 and 60 or more gallons of clean drinking water during a disaster. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and other pow... Read More »

How would you get drinking water from sea water on a ship?

By usung desalination equipment. Either basically a fine filter that traps the salt on one side, letting the water pass through. Or by distilling the water, which also leaves the salt.

Natural ways for getting rid of heartburn. I tried drinking milk and that didn't help.?

Simple .. boiled water slipped slowly. My mother told me this many years ago and I do it any time I have any kind of indigestion or heartburn. Works every time. Read More »