Is it possible to get flash player in iPod touch by jailbreaking?

Answer Flash support is a function of the Browser.If the ipod's browser does not support flash, there is nothing you can do.

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Can I download flash player on my 2 gen iPod touch?

No, you cannot download Flash Player for your 2nd Generation iPod Touch. There isn't an update that accomadates the flash player in its software. You just have to deal with not having the Adobe F... Read More »

Jailbreaking iPod touch....why?

if you jailbreak it the warranty is voided... u might b able 2 restore it on itunes and it might restore back to factory settings without it being jailbroken it's not hard at all. In fact im going ... Read More »

JailBreaking your ipod touch 5g.?

I disagree with GADI have jailbriken all of my devises and it is perfectly safe. If something goes wrong all you need to do is restore the device, it extremely difficult to brick the device, nearly... Read More »

Is Jailbreaking an Ipod touch illegal in Canada?

no, its only illegal to download the apps for free its the same nearly everywhere.