Is it possible to get faster internet than dial-up in the middle of nowhere?

Answer Hey JonathnYes. Through Mobile Broadband (Wireless Broadband) provided by cell companies such as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or Alltel it's definitely possible. If it's a rural area, go for Sprint. They ... Read More »

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How do I make my dial-up Internet faster?

ImprovementsPurchase the newest dial-up modem, which is 56k; using the fastest modem is better than using a slower modem. Delete files and programs on your computer to make sure you have at least a... Read More »

Will a router make your Internet faster than dial-up?

Routers are used to connect computer networks, including Internet connections. However, they are not a source of Internet connectivity, and therefore they have no practical effect on the speed of a... Read More »

Is DSL faster than high speed dial up Internet?

DSL is faster than high-speed dial-up internet because it connects directly to the Internet, rather than using the phone lines. It's considered more convenient because you don't get a busy signal a... Read More »

How to Boost Dial Up 56Kbs to Faster Internet?

A dial-up Internet connection provides a less-expensive way to enjoy the World Wide Web. However, the trade-off with these modem connections--as opposed to cable, DSL, or satellite--is slower surfi... Read More »